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Setting standards for ethical, medical, and biological research.
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Together we ensure a safe and ethical course of research

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Our vision

Create a unique environment with the highest quality by international standards in the field of Bioethics and research.


Our mission

We seek to implement the highest international quality of standards in bioethics research, to ensure the preservation of human dignity and the establishment of justice and benevolence for other living creatures, and the preservation of the rights of individuals and societies in according to Islamic Sharia and traditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Our Values

  • Strengthening the principles of preserving human dignity. icon
    Strengthening the principles of preserving human dignity.
  • Promoting the principles of justice and charity. icon
    Preserving the gains of individuals and societies.
  • Protecting individual and societal norms. icon
    Collaborating effectively with partners.
  • Effectively collaborating with partners. icon
    Adhering to religious principles and complying with respective regulations.
  • Adhering to religious teaching and complying with respective regulations. icon
    Ensuring high standard of research integrity.

Responsibilities of the committee

The National Committee shall set standards for biological research ethics and oversee enforcement thereof. The Committee is the reference body with regard to supervising research ethics and monitoring its implementation, in particular the following:

  1. Prepare bioethics research regulations and review them in accordance with recent developments, also propose amendment to the Law and its Regulations if needed.
  2. Oversee and monitor the central information system for national genetic material banks and set controls for documentation and retrieval thereof. Moreover, establish a database for saving and retrieving national information on genetic material of Saudi society
  3. Form specialized subcommittees for conducting detailed studies on research fields within the jurisdiction of the National Committee.
  4. Set controls for sending biological samples to laboratories outside the Kingdom.
  5. Oversee local committees and monitor compliance with Sharia and statutory rules when dealing with biological material.
  6. Set ethical controls and monitor implementation thereof to safeguard rights of human subjects during research and ensure confidentiality and security of research information.
  7. Set rules and principles for ethical recognition of research laboratories working in biomedical fields, and conduct periodic ethical evaluation and monitoring of national laboratories, and monitor medical research and experiments conducted on Living Creatures to ensure legitimacy.
  8. Coordinate between the Kingdom and other countries as well as Arab and international organizations with regard to its jurisdiction, in accordance with applicable legal procedures.
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