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Local Ethics Committees

The NCBE works with the local ethics committees via the Research Ethics Monitoring Office (REMO), which are in turn directly responsible for their researchers. The local ethics committees are responsible for the evaluation of research from ethical standpoint and protecting the participants in the research.
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What are Local Ethics Committees?

Committee for licensing research formed at an establishment in accordance with the provisions of The Law and Regulation of Ethics of Research on Living Creatures. 

Each establishment shall form a local ethics committee consisting of at least five members. The Regulations shall determine the manner of forming said committee as well as the provisions and rules governing its activities.

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The law and regulation of ethics of research on living creatures state all the requirements to form LEC, please see chapter six

According to Article (10.1) from the law and regulations of ethics of research on living creatures, the minimum number of members for local ethics committee is FIVE members. 

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